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A-100PSU3 +/-12V, 5V 100-240V

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    175 €
  • Technical details :

    Dimensions: ca. 200 x 80 x 40mm 12V / 2000mA -12V / 1200mA +5V / 4000mA Mains Voltage 100...240V

A-100PSU3 +/-12V, 5V 100-240V

Completely assembled and tested power supply, does not include cables, mains input, switch, fuse, screws, spacer bolts etc.

  • Up to 4 bus boards can be connected to one PSU3. The PSU3 delivers significantly more power than the previous PSU2, so even power-intensive modules such as those from AIRA/Roland can be powered without any problems.

    ATTENTION: Suitable for qualified personnel only because of electrical safety (dangerous mains voltage 100V - 240V)


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