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A-100PBK with 3 octaves keyboard

  • Model :
  • Price :
    1200 €
  • Technical details :

    Quantity of bus boards: 2

    Weight (without modules): about 8 kg

    Maximum Output Current: +12V/2000 mA, -12V/1200mA, +5V/4000mA

A-100PBK with 3 octaves keyboard

A-100PBK is very similar to the standard A-100 Base. In addition the A-100PBK is equipped with a 37 keys keyboard (Fatar 37TP/9 semi weighted) with monophonic aftertouch mounted into the lid of the case.

  • The keyboard is wired to a 2HP connection module via a 3.5mm stereo cable. The connection module is mounted at a suitable position in the upper or lower row of the A-100PBK. The connection module has a midi output available (3.5 mm stereo midi standard) which outputs the midi data of the keyboard (midi channel 1, lowest note number 36, note on/off and aftertouch).

    A polyphonic (A-190-5) or monophonic CV/Gate interface (e.g. A-190-3, A-190-4) can be connected to the midi output of the connection module. By means of two jumpers one can choose between the two midi standards for 3.5 mm midi connectors. A 3.5mm-to-DIN5 adapter cable is included with the A-100PBK.

  • Important notes:

    In the area above the keyboard no modules with more than about 40 mm total height have to be mounted (e.g. no joystick modules) 
    Even the pre-patching of the modules has to be less than 40 mm (no "stackcables" !)
    Bevore the lid is mounted to the A-100PBK one has to check carefully if there is sufficient space for they keyboard across the full width. Otherwise the lid must not be mounted as the keyboard may be damaged.
    Damages of the keyboard because of unsufficient space (e.g. because of modules or patch cables with more than 40 mm total height) are not covered by warranty.
    The lid of the A-100PBK does not fit to the A-100PB, as the A-100PBK is about 50 mm longer because of the keyboard dimensions.


    outside: approx. 550 (width) x 210 (height) x 420 (depth) mm
    inside: 2 x 94 HP x 3 U (i.e. 10 HP more than the standard A-100 Base A-100PB)
    usable depth for A-100 modules front row: approx. 70 mm
    usable depth for A-100 modules rear row: approx. 90 mm

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