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A-100SSB Small Supply/Bus

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    105 €

A-100SSB Small Supply/Bus

A-100SSB (Version 1.2) is a combination of power supply and bus board with 12 connectors for A-100 modules.

  • The Busboard is planned for applications with up to 12 modules and a max. current of 380 mA. A-100SSB is available as ready built and tested unit.

    These are the most important features:

    • wide range mains voltage input 100-240V AC / 50-60 Hz
    • IEC inlet on board for the connection of a suitable mains cable (a suitable cable has to be purchased by the customer locally)
    • switching supply with +12V/380 mA and -12V/380mA for the operation of A-100 modules up to 380 mA total supply current
    • safety cover at the bottom side (covers all elements that lead mains voltage)
    • on board fuse
    • 8 bus connectors
    • LED displays for +12V, -12V and +5V (+5V are available only if e.g. the 5V adapter A-100AD5 is used)
    • Dimensions: about 270 mm (length) x 55 mm (width) x 35 mm (height)
    • several 3mm holes for mounting the unit on a rear panel or bottom plate.
  • The unit comes without mains cable and without mounting material (e.g. screws, spacers, nuts, washers) as the requirements for these parts depend upon the country (mains connector type) and the case (especially material and thickness of the case material)

    Dimensions: ~ 270 mm (length) x 55 mm (width) x 35 mm (height)
    mechanical and electrical skills are required to install and run the A-100SSB !

    It's essential to pay attention to the safety notes mentioned in the user's manual!

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