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A-188-9 Preliminary

07 May 2024

A-188-9 Preliminary

SUPERBOOTH24     STAND B043        

Module A-188-9 is a so-called high speed VCO that tracks prefectly to the 1V/oct scale in the frequency range of about 10kHz ... 400 kHz. The main application is the exact drive of BBD modules (A-188-1/2) to generate sounds realized by means of the so-called Karplus-Strong synthesis. But even in cooperation with other modules featuring high speed inputs (e.g. digital noise) the A-188-9 makes sense. In principle the module is made of a precision audio VCO followed by a PLL (phase locked loop) unit that multiplies the frequency of the audio VCO by 32. Thus the module can be used also as a simple precision audio VCO as it features the standard waveforms sawtooth, triangle and rectangle with adjustable pulse width. 

(Preliminary information about a planned module. It is not guaranteed that this module will be manufactured.)