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A-117-2 Preliminary

07 May 2024

A-117-2 Preliminary

SUPERBOOTH24     STAND B043        

 Module A-117-2 contains a digital voltage controlled noise generator. It produces random sequences of square pulses whose rate can go from random clicks to audible noise. The colour of digital noise is different from analog noise. The frequency of the internal clock oscillator can adjusted manually (control "Frequ.") and via an external control voltage input ("FCV") with associated attenuator. The internal clock range is about 50Hz to 40kHz. With control FCV fully clockwise the sensitivity of the control voltage input is roughly 1V/octave.
Alternatively the noise rate can be controlled by an external clock signal (e.g. from a VCO, High-Speed-VCO, LFO, midi clock). For this the "XClk" socket is provided. As soon as a patch cable is inserted into this socket the internal oscillator is turned off and the signal applied to the XClk" socket is used to generate the noise instead of the internal clock signal.
The module has two noise outputs available: a zero-symmetrical output (upper noise socket) and pure positive output (lower noise socket). The symmetrical signal is used primarily for audio applications. The positive output is used primarily for digital control applications (e.g. random envelope triggering, random clock signal or random switching functions).

(subject to change)