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A-113 Subharmonic Generator

  • Model :
  • Size :
    26 HP
  • Price :
    260 €
  • Technical details :

    old version (16 pin bus connection cable) :

    Power consumption: 30mA at +12V, 10mA at -12V and 100mA at +5V

    new version (10 pin bus connection cable):

    Power consumption: 120mA at +12V and 10mA at -12V (no additional +5V required)

    Depth: 90mm

A-113 Subharmonic Generator

Module A-113 is a new sound source that derives from an incoming pulse signal four so-called subharmonics.


  • The term subharmonics was introduced by Oskar Sala in connection with his so-called Mixtur-Trautonium. A subharmonic means in this context a sawtooth wave (German: Kippschwinger) whose frequency is derived from a master frequency and the master frequency is an integer multiple in the range of 1...24 of the subharmonic - in other words: the master frequency is divided by an integer 1...24 to obtain the subharmonic. Pay attention that the output waveform of a subharmonic is sawtooth (as also used in the original Trautonium) and not sine. The term subharmonics is somewhat misleading. The master frequency comes e.g. from an A-110 or A-111 to the frequency input of the A-113. The frequency dividers of the 4 subharmonics is adjusted with up/down buttons as displayed with 2 character LED displays. The subharmonics are available as single outputs and as mix output with adjustable levels for the subharmonics. Two gate type control inputs enable to select between 4 different mixtures, i.e. 4 different settings of the frequency dividers. In the original Trautonium these are controlled by foot switches to switch between 3 mixtures while playing (the original Trautonium has only 3 mixtures available but with the 2 gate inputs of the A-113 four different settings can be adressed). Additionally the A-113 features a mixture memory with 50 presets. Each preset consists of 4 mixtures that can be selected with the gate inputs, each mixture contains the values of the 4 frequency dividers.

  • More detailed information about the Trautonium can be found on our internet site in the Trautonium project article. These additional Trautonium modules are available: Trautonium Manual A-198, Trautonium Filter A-104. The A-111-3 is recommended as control VCO because the A-111-3 has an excellent 1V/octave tracking also for higher frequencies.


    ATTENTION ! Older versions of the A-113 module require an additional +5V power supply with 100mA (e.g. the separate +5V power supply or the +5V low-cost adapter)
    All modules shipped from spring 2015 no longer require the additional +5V supply as these modules have an 5V voltage regulator (7805) on board
    The two versions can be distinguished by means of the bus connection cable: old version = 16 wires, new version = 10 wires.

  • Inputs : master frequency (rectangle/pulse input), foot contr. 1 + 2 (gate 1+2)
    Outputs: 4 single outputs, 1 mixture output

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