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A-100LMB Low Cost Monster Base

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    950 €

A-100LMB Low Cost Monster Base

Doepfer A-100LMBV is a low-cost case for Eurorack synthesizer modules.

  • It is designed as a base for the Doepfer A-100LMS9V Case and has 2X3 height units, which are angled towards each other. Just like the Doepfer A-100LMS9V, it has a usable width of 168 HP and is supplied with two A-100PSU3 power supplies and four busboards.

    • 2X3 U
    • Angled to each other
    • 168 TE
    • Incl. two power supplies and six busboards

    (The case is equipped with the new bus board V6 and not the old model as shown in the pictures) 

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