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Update A-190-5

1. Download the Uploader program.

Mac:     UPLOADER_040_MAC.ZIP (link below)     
Windows: UPLOADER_040_WIN.ZIP (link below)

2. Unzip the “uploader” program.
3. Switch off the module. (Your Eurorack)
4. Connect the module to your Mac/WinPC via USB cable.
5. Start the module (power on your rack).

Now Important!
Press and hold down the Shift2 key at the bottom right on the module, during the power is switched on.
This sets the module into a special upload mode.
It remains unlit and appears deactivated,but this is o.k.!

6. Now start the unzipped “uploader” program on the computer:

• Mac: Double-click on “uploader” or start in the terminal with “./uploader”. It may be necessary to click the program with the right mouse button.
Then select “Open” and confirm.

7. The program now connects to the module, displays the name of the current software,then copies the new software to the module and verifies the procedure.
Finally, the module is restarted automatically in normal mode.
The entire process takes only a few seconds.

8. Remove the USB cable.
9. When you look to the firmware version of the module - it should be changed to (c) VB02__221212 10.

10. Watch a very good video from User Daniel, Thanks !
Maybe also a good info, till the official manual is updated.
Demonstration Video for new A190-5 features

Also a great video and a good demonstration of the new poly mode algorithm by user mastersoftoday
Brandenburg Concerto


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