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A-166 Dual Logic Module

  • Model :
  • Size :
    8 HP
  • Price :
    120 €
  • Technical details :

    Power consumption: 40mA at +12V and 20mA at -12V

    Depth: 50mm

A-166 Dual Logic Module

Dual logic module with 3 inputs for each unit.

  • The logical states of the inputs ("1" = high / "0" = low) are linked together in 3 ways: AND, OR, EXOR (exclusive OR).

    The three functions are available simultaneously at three outputs with LED display of the output states. Additionally two inverters are avaliable to obtain the inverted functions NAND, NOR and NEXOR. The sockets of each triple unit are "normalized", i.e. the switched contact of socket 2 is connected to input 1 and the switched contact of socket 3 is connected to input 2. Provided that no plug is inserted into socket 1 resp. socket 2 the socket is connected to the input above it. This simplifies the usage of the module when only 2 signals are combined. E.g. the logic functions AND and OR have different neutral input levels ("1" is the neutral state for AND, "0" is the neutral state for OR). In case of a fixed input level for the unused input one of the functions (AND or OR) would work no longer.

    Applications: combination of digital signals of the A-100 (e.g. gates, clocks, triggers), e.g. to obtain "gated" clocks or certain rhythmic patterns.

User Manuals

A-166 Blockschaltbild / A-166 Sketch

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